Thursday 26 November 2020

Choosing A Positive or Negative Approach.


Are you part of the Construction Team or a part of the Wrecking Crew?

I have not blogged for far to long and it is my good intention that this will be the first of a re-launch. I say good intent and you, dear reader, will see why in the following paragraphs.

 As many of my Social Media followers will know since August 2020, I have been fighting a condition diagnosed as Cardiac AL Amyloidosis that has required two heart procedures and an on-going Chemotherapy treatment. The latter will, most likely, be with me, until March 2021 followed by some Stem Cell therapy in the summer of that year. This may inhibit my blogging as well as other activities, I will be looking to avoid this occurring. This is a part of my personal Positive Approach for which I will be further drawing on my past and more recent experiences.

As a result of my condition I have spent a 17-day period in hospital and more recently received a DS1500 form. I don’t know what the equivalent would be outside England. This form is to help substantiate my critical illness claim and with applications for whatever state support I may be eligible for.

The Hospital stay gave me much time for contemplation and thought, while watching the outside world via the lens’ of news feeds and social media.  A period that allowed me to begin to formulate a few ideas and preliminary thoughts.

Meanwhile the DS1500 form includes the wording “Extreme high risk of sudden death due to cardiac arrhythmic heart failure. This risk remains high throughout treatment.” This wording tended to rather focus this person’s thoughts and attentions. More so when taken into account alongside the observed actions of others on the global stage and within my social media connectivity. This combination also brought me to revisit those earlier ideas and thoughts that were arrived at and written down while in Hospital. (I took a note book especially for that purpose)

I have now formed the following very clear thoughts that I share, not to dictate what you as the reader or anyone else should think or do, but in the hope that they will simply make you consider things more deeply; so here we go…

“We destroy ourselves as much as others by comments and acts of rudeness, bitterness, anger and negativity.”


“We Build ourselves as well as others through comments and acts of kindness, love, support and positivity.”

There is much uncertainty in the World as we live through the last few weeks of 2020, there is an equal, if not greater amount of angst and fear creating this. Let us not feed this situation, instead let us step back, consider and set aside our personal entrenched beliefs and our confirmation biases.

Our family, friends and colleagues need all the positivity they can get right now, as do we, let’s all be part of the Construction Team and be a part from and rather than a part of the wrecking crew.

That if you can’t say anything nice it is better to say nothing at all is an old clich√©, but in the modern World and year of 2020 we could perhaps all benefit with more of that approach. My present circumstances have now led me to the decision that my mental and physical health require a greater balance of positivity over negativity, for mine and my family’s greater good I need to be a bit more selfish in achieving this, so in these coming weeks I will be watching for the positive people and the negative people in my life. Be they ‘real’ or ‘virtual;’ and quietly switching the balance. No big announcements anywhere other than this here; it will just occur and I doubt many will notice or really care and for that matter why should they?

Please stay well, stay safe, stay happy and remember none of us have to attend every ‘fight’ we are invited to. Do feel free to leave any feedback you may wish to.



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