Ben the Speaker

Why book Ben to speak?
Ben has been speaking in public for over a decade and has developed a relaxed style, utilising humour, but retaining structure and discipline.  He makes sure that his audiences feel included and when comparing his fellow speakers supported.
Ben is a Charter Member of Bicester Speakers, which is affiliated to Toastmasters International.  Through this recognised programme of developing speaking and leadership skills Ben has become a proficient public speaker able to deliver a range of presentations or compare a formal event.

Ben has delivered presentations to business audiences at The Mercedes Petronas F1 team building in Brackley and at the University of Buckingham – Business School. 

He has compared events for the Federation of Small Businesses and chaired many networking groups.  Ben has as well delivered sessions for Common Purpose here in the UK and delivered presentations at Council scrutiny meetings with good effect.


Here are some comments on Ben’s presentations to give you a flavour of why you should consider him to speak at your event:

"I would strongly recommend that if you are given the opportunity to hear Ben speak (As I did at a local University last year) then grab it with both hands and for good measure take a young adult with you. I promise you that you will both leave with a greater understanding of life's and your own potential.” Jonathan Powell, Field Sales Account Manager, Lyreco

“Ben has the ability to enthral an audience: he speaks from the heart and because he is well considered it is always a pleasure to be there. He illustrates how to be successful in business whist, at the same time, balancing a challenging domestic life and identifying the hazards along the way.

Motivated, creative, hardworking and tenacious, Ben knows how to deliver.” Jeff Samwell, Owner, Samwell Associates

Does Ben Charge ?
Ben charges for speaking to fund his voluntary business and community works, it is not his core source of income. In working this way he is able to continue to support a range of not for profit and charitable endeavours.

Payment is required either in advance or immediately after the presentations.

Ben will give a total of 4 presentations a year, for educational or voluntary groups, for no charge, but may seek expenses if required to stay overnight or travel more than 90 miles one way.

Presentations generally revolve around the challenges of running a business, being a carer, leadership, networking and the lessons Ben has learned in his 35plus years in business and many years as a carer.

Presentations can be between 20 and 90 minutes, include questions and answer sessions, to suit your requirements.

Comparing, chairing or otherwise leading a meeting or event is another service Ben is happy to offer.

The actual charge will depend upon the location and duration of the presentation or comparing that you are looking for.  Please e-mail and request a call.

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