Ben the Mentor

So what does Ben do?

Ben offers a service for business and their owners, based upon his lifetime of exposure to the world of business and entrepreneurs.  He delivers these under the heading of "Confidential Conversations".

The process pulls on all his business and family experiences detailed elsewhere.   These have helped him build and hone a unique ability to see different sides of a situation, spot opportunity, avoid challenges and understand your position.

From experience he recognises the need for confidentially, but more than this that often the need for support comes hand in hand with a lack of cash to pay for it.  Wherever possible he will work with you to deliver a service in a way that is affordable for you and him.

His speciality areas come from his proven ability in; project management; collaborative working; social media strategy; business leadership and presentation skills.

So what makes up a Confidential Conversation?

Confidential Conversations

Through sitting and listening to you, either face to face, on the phone, through e-mail or Skype, Ben will help you find the missing bits in your business, including:

Clarity – A better idea of the passion you have for your business and what you need to do to get where you want to be, not where the business is taking you.

Connections – Help you to figure out whom you need to connect with and where you to look for them.  Ben is recognised for being able to see opportunity and can often help deliver the relevant connections via his own extensive network.  He also has vetted and trustworthy contacts that could help reduce your costs and boost your bottom line.  He only introduces these people when the circumstances are appropriate.

Certainty – We all need this in our lives.  Having the certainty and conviction that you are heading the right way to achieve your goals.  This will energise you, helping you get there more efficiently and sooner.

Creativity – Taking you through a review of what you are offering and where it may have other market applications. Sometimes just to confirm you are in the right and only market place, but more often able to identify new ones.

Communications – Drawing on his public speaking, media and social media experience Ben is able to help you boost your profile for little investment of time or money.
What will this cost me?

Ben offers an initial 1-hour Confidential Consultation, face to face or on the telephone, without charge.  

Following this you will receive a tailored bespoke offer to suit you, your business and your financial situation.

The above is delivered though 2B’s Management Consultancy Ltd.  This is the company through which Ben delivers all his services.  If you work with Ben it is from them that you will receive an invoice.

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