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What Makes Ben Unique?

Ben has personal experience of what it takes to run an award winning business, to close a business down and how difficult it can be to balance the demands of work when life at home goes awry.  His whole life has been spent in and around the business or entrepreneurial world.

He grew up in a house where his father ran a general construction business, a plant hire company and launched an internal alterations company, while his mother offered a Duplicating and Typewriting service to local businesses, clubs and societies – these are the pre-home PC days folks and it means he has a lifetime in and around the world of business.

Taking on the failing general construction company, with a staff equivalent of around 100 people, Ben turned it from a £200k loss to break even in just 12 months.  Then the challenges of his wife’s illness, (See the about Ben page) undid all the good work.  Consequently he first experienced the pain and issues faced by business owners when things go terminally wrong in their company.

Picking up the pieces he started at a smaller scale, better suited to the revised home situation, and in the first year of trading his new construction business won a Customer Service award.  In the following years several key members of staff moved on, Ben commissioned three programmes for local TV as part of a marketing strategy and the company was contracted to deliver works on the Royal Estate at Windsor.  It was at this point that family life, in the manner of his sons Autism caused Ben to become distracted and upon his return it became apparent that the company had to be closed down.

Then a change in direction, instead of engaging building trades Ben shifted to engaging publishing specialists, as he applied his project management skills to the media sector.  As part of a team including; copywriters, graphic designers and web site code writers; Ben worked on a range of traditional business publications, delivered an on line portal for Eco/Green building and created a social media strategy to promote this and take it into the top three Alexa ranked sites in this sector.  He has recently applied the same strategy to this Blog and delivered, at the time of writing, 9 months of consecutive growth in terms of page views. 

This all means that if you engage Bens services you are bringing in a highly experienced, forward thinking supporter for you and your business.  Someone who keeps themselves up to date with developments in the world of business and who recognises you can always learn something new.

What will this cost me?

Ben offers an initial 1-hour Confidential Consultation, face to face or on the telephone, without charge.  

Following this you will receive a tailored bespoke offer to suit you, your business and your financial situation.

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