Monday 8 August 2016

Does ‘Real Life’ Have Cookies?

Anyone who has a ‘life’ on the worldwide web, be it on Social Media, browsing websites or researching for a project will be used to those pop ups that say about a site using cookies.

The first obvious effect of visiting a side that does is often to be found on your Facebook account where the targeted advertisements on your page miraculously start coming from the page you just visited – it’s as instantaneous as it can be annoying, especially if it’s a page you visited by accident!

Like most people who function in the virtual world I’m use to the above and tend to filter it out – however what I am less used to is the self same result occurring away from this virtual world, in fact in ‘real’ life’!

I am aware of the “Law of Attraction” and all that goes with that, however the events of the last three days seem to transcend even the possibilities this offers to those who practice the belief that it works – let me expand.

On Saturday and Sunday I was to be found up a ladder at the front of the house rubbing down, preparing and then applying several base coats and a top coat of a well known wood stain – we have the original Bay windows on the front of the house dating back to the mid 1920’s and they needed doing and I wanted to renew my ladder and decorating skills. Then on Saturday night my wife and I joined our Chief Bridesmaid and Best Man from 30-years ago for our annual meal out to celebrate the two ladies Birthdays - these being just a few days apart. All perfectly normal activities and then came the delivery through the post box this morning!

After the postman had been and gone we had three leaflets through the letter box the first two were form the self same restaurant that we visited on Saturday night, one being their take away menu the other a discount voucher (As a separate matter I would have suggested offering a free desert or liquor coffee to add value rather than money off in order to add value!) If these first two leaflets made me smile at the coincidence – the third one made me stop in my tracks!

Why did the third one have such an impact? Well this final leaflet was from a sole trader offer painting and decorating services Interior and Exterior works!!!

I now have to ask myself the question does real life have cookies as this would appear to indicate it just might!

What are your thoughts and have you had a similar experience, if so please leave a comment and thank you for investing your time in reading this.

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