Tuesday 31 December 2013

Resolutions That Work

It is the last few hours of 2013 here in the UK as I write this, so I will start by wishing all that read this a Happy, Healthy and Prosperous New Year - I sense that 2014 will be a 'good' year and will see rewards for the austerity and patience of the last few years for many people, businesses, companies and individuals.

Those that are 'pro-active' in their lives and/or business matters will be better placed to embrace the New Year and more inclined to create 'Resolutions that Work' - what do I mean by this, let us have a look at a few examples:

A resolution that is just "I will loose weight" is I believe unlikely to succeed, it has no real structure and is in effect just a wish.  Our resolutions need to be much tighter and also publicly aired.  The resolution "I will loose weight" needs to have a 'Why', a 'How', a 'What Amount',  a 'By When'; all of which take them beyond being a wish, or a dream, turning them into something far stronger - they become goals; goals that read something like this: "Because I want to live longer, so I can see my children grow up, I will loose16lbs and become fitter, I will do this by Easter 2014 and I will work with others to achieve it, and I will arrange to start this happening by January 5th 2014."

This is much clearer for your conscious and subconscious mind to grasp, you can use it as a mantra each day to keep you going, you can share it on Facebook and Twitter etc reporting how you are doing, perhaps start a PInterest Board that shows your activity and progress, you become far more likely to make your resolution become a reality, plus you could inspire others to stick with their resolutions and achieve their targets, wouldn't that be  great to know you have helped others as well as yourself?

One other tip I would offer, and I know others say the same, that is do not try and change to much at one go, better to have one resolution and make it a 'Resolution that Works', rather than six and not succeed with any - quality over quantity!

So whatever your New Year resolutions are, or were, write them in this manner, share them and remind yourself of them each day through out the day and make them 'Resolutions that Work'

Thank you for reading this blog, if you are a regular reader for staying with me through 2013, do let me know what your 2014 resolution are and come back and share your progress - mine will be shared during January 1st 2014 through my social media accounts, it would be fantastic to meet you there as well.

Which leaves one last thing to say - HAPPY NEW YEAR to all where ever you are on, or above, planet Earth.

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