Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Gratitude First - New-Year Resolutions Afterwards

Be Grateful before making your New Year Resolutions.

It is usual for many in the developed world, come December 31st, or January 1st, to turn their attention to ‘Resolutions’ – to the things they want to do differently, not at all, or some other aspect of their lives they wish to change, during the coming New-Year.

This, in my opinion, is in itself a good thing to do, provided it is done with thought, and the planned changes are embraced passionately, with large or big changes being undertaken in smaller steps.

The above said I think it is only a part of the process – we should firstly be looking back over the year and saying what it is we are grateful for.

Now I am aware my American readers may well be saying ‘we do that at Thanksgiving’ and I am sure you do, however that is a ‘celebration’ within your own country, and I am talking here on a global scale, so please stay with me.

By knowing what we are ‘grateful’ for, before deciding upon resolutions for change, we can work towards securing those ‘good’ things in our life for the year ahead, perhaps even creating the opportunity for more of them, and/or for a greater frequency of their appearing.

So what sort of things should we consider when being grateful – well I’ll share with you some of the principle things from my list for 2014…

  • My wife and children for supporting me, making me laugh, making me cry, challenging me and keeping me grounded – my time with them is highly valued and yes I’d like more in 2015, especially time away with them all.
  • My home, where I can when time permits just be. Where I can recharge my batteries and relax in my garden, with one of my hobbies or with a little DIY.
  • My ‘being in business’ partner, her passion for our Vision and Mission as we carry on our journey in our jointly growing the Oxfordshire Green Construction Network is fuel for the soul as well as the weary business head. Again she challenges me and again this takes me further down my own road to being the person I can be – so yes please in 2015 lets make the Oxfordshire ‘world rock’.
  • My friends in business who have supported me in 2014, believed in me, trusted me and like my wife and ‘being in business’ partner helped establish a stronger feeling of self belief and self worth.
  • The degree of positive change I have brought about with those I have worked with as a business mentor/coach, a community leader, a member of Toastmasters International and in presenting to students taking the BSc Business Enterprise course at the University of Buckingham. 

I hope you are now getting a picture and a ‘steer’ on where to start with your ‘Gratitude List’ and how it might have an influence on any, or all, of your New-Year Resolutions. Please now go and prepare your own list – the time of year is, in reality, irrelevant.

It is the act of being grateful that is important, and really it should be an on-going, continuous, process through out the year – however let us start with being so at least once a year and then work from there – as I said above in my view big resolutions need smaller steps!

I would love to know some of the things you are grateful for, so please share in the comments box – you never know they, and thus you, may inspire someone else to go on and be the person they can be.

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