Sunday, 28 September 2014

Full Electronic World Detox - Have You Considered One?

Would a 'Full Electronic World Detox' be Commercial Suicide or Personal Salvation for you?

This is the first 'Sunday Short Thought' and I hope to be able to make these a regular feature in the future as time for 'full-on' Blogging is getting harder to find, and that fact alone has prompted this particular message.
If like many others, including me, you have ever wondered about where your 'life' went, or time 'goes' and why you seem to have no, or little, time for you and the things you enjoy; along with why all of a sudden everyone wants things done now, or better still yesterday, when they have only just brought the matter in question to your attention, then perhaps you, like me, have also pondered the question below?

Would a full 'Electronic World Detox' offer a more 'sustainable and life friendly' pace and how this could be achieved?
Would messages to our contacts, such as those below, be totally bonkers?
If you want to talk with me - Telephone me.
If you want to write/correspond/connect to me - Send me a hand written letter.
If you want to meet with me - Post me an Invitation with a date 4-weeks ahead on it.

This would include an out of office message on e-mail accounts to the effect that e-mails are being left unread - if the matter is urgent telephone, otherwise send a letter.

There would also be an answering message on the phone to the effect that you are taking ownership and control of your life, as against the phone dictating your actions, so please leave a message and you will get back to them.
Would such a move be commercial suicide, personal health and lifestyle salvation, or a blend of both? Are we now passed the point of being able to have ownership of our own actions and what we do on a daily, even moment-by-moment, basis?
Your thoughts shared as comments would be greatly appreciated and may help others as well. Thank you for reading and please view my other Blogs while you are here.

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