Saturday, 1 October 2011

Creating your own bank of opportunity.

Ok, now I'd like to think I'm a fairly down to Earth, practical person. Over the years I've taken a pragmatic approach to most things; some who know may say too detached and to practical.

I have learned to focus on the solution to an immediate, or foreseeable challenge. Then as a direct result of undertaking the real activity that leads to meeting the challenge, the mind remains positive, creating energy not sapping it. Added bonuses to this are it can also build self confidence and makes you more productive in other tasks.

One example of this from my life?

Well we all have cash flow challenges in our lives at times. Perhaps more especially if we are a sole trader, or a small business, but larger enterprises are not imune. I have sat for hours plotting how to move the money available around, to make it spread. I have wasted lots of time, lots of mental and emotional energy as a result. I also became distracted from other tasks and in my focus when undertaking them. The reality is that negative cash flow only has one, genuine, true solution, and that is increased sales, but at the right value. (Overhead and efficiency savings can only go so far, especially if you want to avoid a negative impact on your services.) I now spend far more time on the sales function, focussing on the solution, not the challenge, and in doing so have become far more comfortable in a sales role. This can mean prospect calling, never fun, can mean networking, but mostly in means building relationships.

I digress, this is not a blog about sales techniques, or marketing.

Where I started was on my practical outlook, this brings a healthy scepticism, at times, about the intangible, such as the concepts of a natural energy within the universe that delivers what we ask for. What Michael Losier refers to as "The Law of Attraction" (see Now, I have to admit that since hearing him speak at an Oxford Business Wealth Club open day, my stance has shifted. Coupled with some of the concepts in Brian Tracy's Psychology of Success it struck me that this theory had a more factual, tangible foundation; there's my construction background kicking in!

Now a month on and I have found, having been open minded enough to see the combination as a potentially powerful solution, many new doors have opened up, many more tangible opportunities have been created and in one case of an errant negative thought I also attracted that outcome as well! (A learn there as well!!) It is as though a dam were removed, at first allowing a trickle of life giving water, then a stream, then towards the end of last week a small river, I am now, as I write, positively looking forward to what next week will bring. This blog being part of the process of inviting it in.

Admittedly it is not easy being positive all the time, it takes disciplin and a robust approach to evicting negative thoughts that stray in uninvited, but I am now far happier and ready to allow in the success. I have always believed that with passion we can all make good things happen, this has in many ways underlined that belief.

If this has provoked some thoughts please leave a comment, I do enjoy a bit of two way interaction. They don't go straight up but are sent to me for "moderation" so be patient.

Until the next time be positive, be passionate and be successful.

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