Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Sharing My Resolutions

A BIG welcome to 2014 and here, following on from my last Blog of 2013 about 'Resolutions that Work', are mine to start the year with - I believe that as every day starts another 'year' we should always be looking and revisiting our resolutions and goals on a regular basis.

Resolution 1 for 2014: To build on 2013, take the Oxfordshire Green Construction Network from its embryonic beginnings and by the end of the year have built a Network of pro-active members, growing their businesses, making them sustainable and helping build a Greener Tomorrow - Today. 

Resolution 2 for 2014: To build on 2013 in regards to self development by achieving my Disntinguished Toastmaster status by June 30th 2014 want to know more come along to Bicester Speakers on Thursday night at The Garth for 7:15 PM, no charge to attend.

Resolution 3 for 2014: To build on 2013 by being more 'pro-active' and 'focussed' around what I am passionate about, while making space in my life for 'new' things by moving on from that which I do by sense of duty, default and habit that no-longer brings self growth or effective reward - ongoing through the year.

Resolution 4 for 2014: To build on 2013 by surprising at least one person per day that I know, have yet to know better, or do not know at all with a smile, good deed or support throughout the year.

Do let me know what yours are and have a great year.

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