Friday, 27 September 2013

The Climates are Shifting - Don't Get Caught Out

What's that you say, climates plural, what do you mean?

I am of course referring in part to the IPCC climate report issued today, that in brief states they are 95% certain we, the human race,  are the 'dominant cause' of global warming since the 1950's.  That though is just a part of the story, as I believe other climates are now changing as well.  With your permission let us have a quick look at just a few of these:

In the world of the consumer the climate has changed over the course of the recession.  Those that have been tightening their belts, being cautious where as before they were profligate, now do this as a automatic response, not as a conscious decision.  The consumer for the most part, is asking 'do I just want this, or do I need it' is it 'essential to my life or a nice to have'.  Taking longer to reach any decision and then examining the alternative products to ascertain which offers the best value.  In short more of us are buying with thought, not on impulse.

A third area of climate change that is occurring is that around business ethics.  I believe we are seeing the dawn of a new era.  An era where the ethical business person, the 'nice' business person will be in the ascendancy.  

There has already been strong criticism of:

  • Those big businesses that avoid their fair share of tax through legal back alleys; 
  • The corporates that externally appear to have strong social consciousness, yet behind the scenes have failed to eliminate fully the non-ethiocal elements in their organisation, only for them to explode, like concealed land mines, catching them out; 
  • Those appearing to exploit their buying power when dealing with the smaller businesses in their supply chain.
There is a growing swing towards consumers and businesses wanting certainty that those they are dealing with are ethical and genuine in what they say in their various policies. While the places for those who know they are walking the line to hide are getting fewer, the wriggle room smaller, and the risk of being disingenuous much greater.

The third and final area for this blog, is an area where I believe the climate needs to change, where those functioning within it, providing the service, are behaving arrogantly and ignoring the fact that change is needed, clinging to their old ways of confrontation and blustering and policy set in the 1800's or earlier - this is UK Politics.  

Here is a 'business market place' that is nationwide, it has a number of competing suppliers and yet regularly manages to engage less than 30% of its potential over all client base.  This has to indicate they are not selling a product that the majority of their target clients are interested in, or feel they need/want.  If it was a true 'market sector' the businesses would have moved on or amended their position - now is the time for this climate to change.

There are of course many other climates I could 'talk' about here, you may want to add some as comments, please do.  

I hope this blog gets you thinking and pondering your own position, please let me know if you amend your approaches to help improve or a climate, or be a better fit within one.  

Thank you for reading.

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