Tuesday 25 September 2012

Ganged up on by the Universe.

For my mutual benefit I seem to have been targeted by the universe, to remind me of certain things and lead me to be better focussed; I would value your feedback.

Like most people, and be extension most of you, I have a set of internal “rules”, a code of conduct that I act on instinct by and influences what I do, how I react, my relationships and the outcomes I get from any interaction.

For some years now they have impacted on how I conduct business and yet I have failed to recognise the impact they have on my life and the lives of those around me.

Factor into the above that we all need to stand back and re-asses our approach, attitude and processes from time to time and the last few weeks have been interesting, enlightening and educational.

I mentioned in an previous post I was decorating and listening to Live with Passion by Anthony (Tony) Robbins; at the same time I was reading Darren Hardys’ Compound Effect and The Go-Giver by Bob Burg & John David Mann.  The universe ganged up on me here as the compound effect of exposure to all three has flushed out a few things.

I’d like to briefly explore with you the outcome of exposing myself to these works at the same time, in the hope it might also help you.

In Live with Passion Anthony (Tony) Robbins observes that we all have these rules and they can be a source of pain or pleasure, depending on what they are and how we apply them.  He also makes it very clear that more than five is far too many to actually maintain.  I’d agree with that, they become difficult to track and often start to operate in tension.

In the Compound Effect Darren Hardy makes it very clear that the cumulative effect of things can be equally as harmful as they are good. 

In the Go-Giver by Bob Burg & John David Mann, we are taken to explore “The five Laws of Stratospheric Success”.  These five laws, or rules, if followed should deliver success.  These five rules all struck a chord and I’d strongly suggest you go and have a read.

Now add the above all together in a two-week delivery period and somewhere a light came on.  I realised my personal restricting rules were not that far removed from the ones in The Go-Giver; the way I was acting and influencing others certainly sat within these constructs – one was totally at odds.  Applying Tony Robbins approach to this here was why I was getting pain, I needed to make a change and in the case of compound effect that one at odds was incrementally doing harm on a daily basis, time to change.

I’ve had a long think about my codes, they were never defined before, certainly never written down; thus they have influenced my life unseen and unnoticed. They needed to be faced up to and shared so I was accountable; can’t share much better than putting them on the Blog!

So this is what I’ve ended up with and they reflect my long long-term, historic approach to life, and I believe correct the steering to deliver a more positive outcome.

  1. Give more than I take by sharing what I have experienced and learned so that it benefits as many people as possible

  1. Bringing and adding value to as many people as possible on a daily basis; whatever I work on and whoever I work with.

  1. Place other peoples interest first by listening and learning before commenting, being courteous, polite and generous whenever and wherever I can.

  1. Be who I am, not what others want me to be and act how I want to act.

  1. Allow others to help and support me when they want to.

In the last year I have slipped on point 4 and allowed others to influence “who” I am and how I function, that has affected outcomes as it impairs my authenticity.  People that know me well will say that I have not been open to receiving and I believe that is as a direct result of not being me.  

Since I started to recognise these issues and make small adjustments the outcomes have been far more positive.  I have created great connections, connected many more people, and received far more opportunity to gain benefit of all kinds in return.  I don’t claim to know how this has worked, all I know at the moment is that it has, is and does.

If you have found something of interest in the article then please do leave a comment and thank you for again investing your valuable time in reading.

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  1. Excellent blog, Ben - and you could have written your core values for me. Authenticity is definitely worth revisiting every now and then, as it is so easy to be subtly influenced, or to change because we think it pleases others. You can only be true to yourself if you know who you are. I could go on, but it's your blog, not mine! ;-)