Wednesday 5 September 2012

Can you gloss coat a chore?

Taking a hated, even loathed, chore and making it almost a desirable one, or as Mary Poppins might have said - a case of a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down.

I’ve been decorating three small rooms simultaneously over the last few weeks; before any one asks they’re taking that long as it’s the odd hour grabbed here and there, not because I’m that slow, even though as an activity it ranks, for me, somewhere between queuing and going to the dentist!

Now I can already predict a number of you are saying, possibly shouting at the computer, why on earth are you doing this?  Good question and I’m really glad you asked it.

Several reasons; it’s the family home and I like to invest my time, which in something the family all love; I’m especially supposed to get exercise on a regular basis due to my type 2 diabetes – it’s a great work out; I have some super decorating buddies who I can call on to make this a much better experience.

Now these decorating buddies are not going to lift a single finger to help me in the practical process of rubbing down priming, undercoating and top coating.  They can’t, as they are here to keep my mind active and help me learn while I’m actually decorating. 

They turn up at the last minutes notice and engage my mind, helping it grow and me to expand, or refresh, my memory with lots of thought provoking and challenging concepts and ideas.

Have you guessed what I’m alluding to, or where I’m heading yet?

So who are my buddies, well you may well recognise some of their names; Anthony (Tony) Robbins; Brian Tracy; Robert T Kiyosaki; Paul Avins; Daniel Priestly and so forth.  They are my decorating buddies as I can load a DVD or CD into the MacBook Pro.  The length of the time of the decorating workout is governed by the length of the presentation, or part there of. 

The benefits of this are that I can learn or re-learn, get a good physical workout, save on gym fees, save on decorating fees and get bonus points from the family for investing my time in the home and thus them.

What about the fact that you don’t like doing it?  I hear you ask.  

Well as it happens the first time I tried this was with the audio CD set of  “Live with Passion” from Anthony (Tony) Robbins.  Parts of this programme deal with taking something from being a -10 experience to a +10 experience; or as close as possible.  I’ve found adopting this technique of blending learning ( a +10 experience  for me) with decorating (a -10 experience for me) has actually created an activity that is a +7 or +8, definitely putting a gloss coat on it ! 

Yes I’m passionate about learning,  about sharing that learning and this process also means I am better able to help others; both more often and more effectively.  So that’s probably why the aggregate is not zero, but it does mean I have found a great way to sugar coat an otherwise potentially tiresome task.

Just goes to further show that with passion and action you can make things happen.  Thank you for dropping in and investing your time, let me know if this has helped you by leaving a comment.

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