Monday 6 August 2012

Climbing Mount Olympus

So would you like a business that is 475% better than the one you have now in a years time?  It can be done, but it's not a case of looking for magic fairy dust and get rich quick schemes.  It's about climbing Mount Olympus in the same way the athletes do.  At least that me opinion.  If you'd like to know why then please read on.

I'm not a great spots fan, even less of a participant, however as the UK plays host to the greatest sports show on earth it is impossible to avoid being drawn in.

Over the years I do not believe I have ever seen a sporting event where the emotions of the athletes have been so prominent, so obvious or positioned such a key component of their success.

My running message through the posts here has been it is the combination of action with passion that will bring success; the events of the last few days have done nothing to dissuade me from the view point and everything to underline it for me.

The parallels between olympic athletes and  our business objectives are clear and inspiring:

  • Consistent, planned hard work, to a programme or process, over time, brings results - it will happen for you if you persevere
  • You never know who will turn out to be your champion - so tell everyone about your business, don't be ashamed of it.  If you do not show pride in it who else will?
  • It doesn't matter who you are, or how good you are. Some days you'll win, and some you won't.   When you don't channel the pain and keep going
Both sports and business need real passion and commitment, to the point it hurts when you loose, but that pain can be channelled to keep you going and drive you to win.  If you were told today that you could no longer trade in what you are currently trading in how would you feel?  Would it make you cry, would it make you fight to keep it?  If it wouldn't then maybe you are not THAT passionate about it.  In which case you may never fulfil its full potential.

I must mention the Team GB Women's Cycling team here; did you notice that each time they took to the track they fractional improved on their own world record?  Each time their performance was just a bit better than the last time?  Imagine the ongoing effect in your business if each day you did just a half percent better than the day before?

Lets look at that in more detail.  Say you trade for 6 days per week, turning over £100 per day, and you increase that by 0.5% on the previous day, each and every day; after 6 days your turnover will have increased by 3%, after 30 days by 15.5%.  If you trade for 48 weeks of the year thats 288 trading days, on that 288th day your sales would be just under £475.00  

So as you were asked at the start; would you like a business that is 475% better than the one you have now in a years time?  If the answer to that is yes then start looking at how your business can shave those costs, increase those sales by just 0.5% day on day. 

That takes; planning, dedication; sacrifice; passion and essentially action. Exactly the same elements that are needed for athletes to perform at the top level.  How do athletes do this, not on their own that's for sure.  They have the support of fellow sportsmen and woman, coaches, and at the highest levels psychologists and trainers.  Guess what folks that support is all available to us in the business world as well!!

Staring today create your own legacy from London 2012, stop now and work out how your business can climb Mount Olympus and be champion.

Thank you for investing your time in reading this blog; until next time remember with Passion and Action you can make things happen.

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