Sunday, 8 July 2012

A perfect climate?

 Are you a leader?  

Well if you are running your own business, chairing a group, or an elected politician etc then, yes you are. 

I was recently provided with a summary of a survey of 60 business leaders that made interesting reading; enhanced by certain events within my own businesses and local networks.

Almost a third of the business owners (30%) responded that, in the current economic climate, they did not enjoy being a leader.  Now the more interesting thing to me is that 60% plus could therefore be interpreted as having the opposite view.

It is my belief that the tougher the conditions, the more the true leader will like it.  They will relish the additional challenges and rise to the demands of the occasion.  In much the same way that top-flight athletes do when competing against each other.

The more challenging the circumstances the more leaders have to improvise and adapt their knowledge, experience and connectivity to bring about the desired outcomes.  This excites them and when it all comes together the sense of completion and satisfaction is enough, for the true leader, to fulfill them.  This last point is important in my mind as those who allow their teams to celebrate a hard won, positive outcome, without taking the glory represent the rue spirit of leadership.

So economically across the globe we are in the perfect climate for true leaders to shine and show their value.  They will be stepping up to the mark, encouraging and supporting their teams and making great things happen.  I wish them and you every success in the endeavors you are working on.  Remember with passion and action anything can happen.

The survey of 600 business leaders was carried out by The Leadership Team, which provides leadership development for chief executives, managing directors and directors from the region’s foremost companies.

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