Sunday, 19 February 2012

The Blame Game Is a Dumb Game.

Sitting here wondering what to write about tonight and then the leader of the local County Council inspired me. No he wasn't in the room and I'm fairly sure he didn't intend to!!

So what did he do, or rather say and what has it triggered in my head? It was a tweet that read like this;
"Wretched Labour woman on TV Ch 4+1 grumbling about cuts in social care directly caused by Gordon Brown's profligacy. They have a nerve!"

It triggered in my mind that; if business owners and leaders treated their teams in the same way as politicians seem to want to treat us, the voters, we would see far more business failures and higher levels of staff churn and dissatisfaction.

In business we are constantly advised that we should not have a blame culture, that in doing so we will increase staff turnover, decrease team motivation and undermine engagement with the business. In hard times, when a business needs to lean on all its resources the people will not rally to the cause, with any sense of loyalty long since sacrificed on the alter of establishing who did what.

As the UK does not making voting mandatory we generally have a low turnout, ending up with a government elected, or not as the case may be, by the majority of the minority. Why is this? Well perhaps the politicians should read and heed some of the guidance their "experts" give us as business owners.

Can they not stop treating the voters to an overdose of "The Blame Game"; it does little to earn them respect, or position them as good/strong leaders. From my conversations, I like many others find this, tedious, boring and not at all engaging. Thus my attention is lost and my engagement much reduced.

Also please credit us with the intelligence to recognise where fault lies, it is a blunt tool; keeping hitting us over the head with the same approach of pointing the finger and saying "they did it". This behaviour belongs in the playground, not in some of the highest offices in the land.

Politicians please return to treating us with respect, we will respond, then perhaps the UK PLC team might rally better to the National cause. I suggest this so that we might all the sooner have a stronger economy and thus be better able to support those who are all to often at the sharp end when it comes to rebuilding, or weak and vulnerable. Let us stop with the Dumb Game; The Blame Game and start treating the voters with respect.

As always I hope to have stimulated thoughts and ideas, please let me know if I have.

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