Monday 19 December 2011

Entrepreneurs’ minds - Do you have one?

Entrepreneurs, by our very nature and within certain limits, make our own rules. This means we are not constrained by the rules of others, which in turn means we can be seen as rebels, as dysfunctional and non-conformist. This in turn can make society suspicious, nervous and scared of us, especially the institutions that prefer predictability, routine and process.

Entrepreneurs’ minds see most situations as an opportunity, or as a challenge, while many others will see them as a threat, or to be feared. This contrast can be compared to the “Fight or Flight” reaction that sits at the core of being.

In my experience the true entrepreneurs instinctively think differently to even their close relations the entrepreneurial inclined manager, or business owner.

These are some of the key ways I believe, by nature, we are drawn to act:

Going the Extra Mile.
We will see a job descriptions as the “have to do” list, but not as a limit. We will see opportunities and apply ourselves to achieve these, without request and without asking permission either.

I have found that entrepreneurs seem to have an almost insatiable appetite to learn and to teach. We need, and thrive on, multiple tasks or projects, seeking and passionately to deliver on increased productivity. We understand that it is a combination of passion and action that will deliver results.

Entrepreneurs have an in built ability to go from the shop floor to the boardroom picture, accurately assessing cause and effect. However if we are unable to influence the situation we are in we are frustratingly adrift.

It is the entrepreneurs that I work with that see something in me, boost my confidence and give me a helping hand. They support and encourage fellow business people and their companies who are struggling. Although an entrepreneur must be willing to take a risk or two, they do not have to do so alone.

It is this combination of traits that makes the entrepreneurs mind a challenging creation for many. To be effective, to influence, we have to be equally aware that others can be scared or intimidated by the way we think. If we recognise this we can better maximize our skills and our contributions. We must however expect a few frustrations along the way.

Thank you for reading, until next time remember it’s not just entrepreneurs that can use passion, combined with action to make things happen.

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