Wednesday, 10 August 2011

In times of Trouble

It is way to early to really asses the trues causes of the disturbances in London and other English Cities in the last few weeks. My belief is that there will be no single issue underlying any of this, but a large number of near individual story's.

Do not mistake the above as forgiveness, or excuse finding, for those who have perpetrated some extremely nasty and unnecessary acts. We can say for sure that many people have had their lives changed for them, forcibly, by these events. They did not seek to be part of this, but have been drawn into it by the anger, avarice and agression of others.

To those that have lost loved ones in such senseless destruction my condolences. To those who have lost businesses my commiseration. To these, and all those affected, I wish the strength, the courage and the support from those around you, to try and put your lives back together.

We should not forget those who have come out of the shadows and helped to pick up the pieces, to clean up the streets and to stand up for otherwise silent majority. There are some genuine champions, on the same streets, as the media has shown filled with their voraciously violent opposites. The former are the people who are stepping outside their comfort zone, showing courage and leadership that needs to be built on and used to unite communities, not just in the areas of trouble, but across the UK. Upon such courage can communities be strengthened.

To those reading this and either due to vist this country, or considering it, please do not be put off by the images on your TV screens. This is a glorious country, one that values freedom of speech and an individuals rights to same, sometimes we pay a heavy price for this. Sometimes a minority can undermine the majority, if you stay away they win, but more importantly freedom looses.

Thoughts on the why of all this must of course be pure conjecture. I would therefore pose the suggestion below, one on a wider scale, to try and stimulate thought, or debate. It may be incorrect, some will agree, others will not, but at least consider;

More businesses are seeking to engage those with a "can do" attitude, a positive mindset and who reinforce both these with behaviours that demonstrate the desire to be a productive member of a team. If these three attributes were part of the core education process would we perhaps see a stronger workforce, better standards of living, less state dependancy and more self responsibility? If they were introduced from primary school, in role play, games and fun learning environments, would not the secondary school teachers get the respect they crave, along with the emergency services and wider silent majority, the general public. Qualifications are a great way to demonstrate an ability to learn, as can be life experience, but alone without knowing the appropriate attitude, mindset and behaviours they cannot deliver a person to their full potential, which means many are failed. Not a single, or short term, suggestion, but one I have a growing passion for the more I learn through listening and watching.

Thank you for investing your time in reading this, we all have much to consider.

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