Tuesday, 27 July 2010

What is your most valuable asett?

Now what are you thinking?

Is it perhaps your house?

Is it your Car, you may have a one of the those Bugatti Veyrons for all I know, see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bugatti_Veyron

Perhaps it's your contact sphere, or network, that you use in business or private?

Is it your bank balance or investment portfolio?

I would argue that all of the above can be replaced, no matter what you take out of these "accounts" you can put something back.

There is one account that is finite, it cannot be topped up, what you use cannot be replaced and yet I would guess most people place the lowest value on it. What is this account? Well it is time.

Why do we waste in in pursuit of small monetary savings, a two hour drive to save a few pounds on a suit, a dress, food stuffs, DVD's computers white goods etc, is quite normal. We value the money higher than our time, yet we can get no more of the latter.

A challenge then, add up all those money saving trips, see how much time you spent on them and think what else you could have done with that time. If you are in business I guess you could have earned far more than you saved?

Have I made you think?

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  1. Great article, Ben. I got some new shoes recently, they were a bargain but didn't last long! Now I have to spend more time shopping for new ones. Doh!